Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ladies night with a touch of hoarding

Before I get into the thick of my post, I have to say THANK YOU to my hubby.  I came back to my desk today to find this beautiful arrangement staring back at me.  The occasion....nothing?  Totally unexpected and completely out of the blue.  It had been a rough day right from the start and this made it all better. 

The pictures do not do the flowers justice.  The colors are absolutely amazing and the arrangement is beautiful. 

On to my faboush Saturday evening. My girlfriend, Jennifer, invited me over for a little soiree with her girlfriends, who were visiting from Minneapolis. The ladies couldn't have been friendlier.  I felt like I had known them for years.  When I left her house my stomach and cheeks both ached from all the laughing we did. Stomach ache + cheek ache = good girls night!

We did a little eating, a little laughing, a little more eating, a little drinking, discovered Jen's got a hoarding problem and oh yeah, did some more eating!

Eats for the night:

Best brand ever!

I may have gotten a little decoration happy with the hummus

Ten Bucks from Mount Pleasant Winery. It was delightful!

My Vinturis. No party would be complete without them!

The spread

So, so good...

Random acts of the night:

Jennifer taking a picture from the floor...because that's how she rolls.

Too much laughing. 

Group shot

The hoarding:
A simple trip to the bathroom revealed that Jennifer has somewhat of a hoarding problem.  If she finds a product she really likes, she starts buying it by the boatload for fear that it will be discontinued.  Those fears have come true almost every time.  The bucket of 10 year old Revlon ColorStay nail polish says it all.  I want it noted that I was frisked before I left her house that evening.  My pockets came up empty.

Some were so old they had black gunk floating in them. 
My poor Jen...I still lover her!

One stop shop for all your cosmetic needs.

Her beloved Fructis Ultra Strong hairspray is no more,
hence, the two rows of bottles.

That's all she wrote, for now.  Hope you're having a fab week!  See you soon!


  1. i had no idea you was gonna name names when i agreed to let you post this!! never mind frisking you - i guess i should've inspected your CAMERA!! :)

  2. Note to self- If you come over to visit me you will not be allowed to bring your phone/camara in!